The Power of Words

Have you ever thought about how powerful you really are? Well, I can tell you that we hold a power within us that has the ability to lift spirits, destroy dreams and everything in between. And that power is WORDS.

Have you noticed how the bad ones stick and the good ones, well, we like hearing them but we tend to get embarrassed and pass them off as perhaps being a half truth? Crazy though it is, so many of us have done this more than once in our lives.

Have you ever thought about the power your words contain and what far-reaching influences they can have on other people?

I’ll tell you a story* that may give you some food for thought:

Several summers ago a teacher was sitting on a sea wall resting after a long hike along the coast path. She was eating a sandwich and observing what was happening on the beach and she spotted two little boys, about six years old, playing together. They’d been running around for a while, having fun and now, a little tired from their activities, they sat down near the teacher and began talking.

Perhaps they’d just met, as children do on holiday; regardless when or where they met, they had a lot to talk about. Finally, one said to the other “What do you want to be when you grow up? I’m going to be a brain surgeon.”

“Gosh I don’t really know. I’ve never thought about it. I’m not very bright, you know.”

The wind took the rest of the conversation away and the teacher was left wondering where that second little boy had developed that limiting belief about himself. Probably from another teacher! Or a parent. At the age of six, if he doesn’t change that belief, or if someone else doesn’t help him to change it, it will affect the rest of his life, limiting his sense of possibility, holding back his potential.

Beliefs are not true. They are constructs around which we organise our behaviours. So we each behave as if our beliefs were true. And for this reason all our beliefs come true, for beliefs, whether empowering or limiting, are self-fulfilling prophecies.

Sit with that for a while and consider then, the power of your own words and perhaps how you can use that power to help and to empower others. To lift people’s spirits and to help them believe that anything is possible and that they can indeed be, regardless of their age, anyone they want to be – for if they can believe it, they can achieve it!

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi

Love and blessings


*The Two Little Boys:
Primary Source: The Magic of Metaphor by Nick Owen
Secondary source: NLP at Work by Sue Knight


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