Shamanic Craniosacral Therapy

This is an article that we’ve kindly been sent by Fiona Smith of Breathe Dragon that tells us a little more about her own shamanic healing work:

I often combine Craniosacral Therapy with Shamanic Healing and this practice I call Shamanic Craniosacral Therapy.

In the first instance I offer a Shamanic Consultation where by the client asks a specific question which I then make a shamanic journey on to ask the Spirits advice. If the advice resonates for the client and they want to proceed I then ask for a 3 month commitment to the work.

The advantage of asking the Spirits’ advice is that they are interested in what is for your highest good and to support the journey of the soul.

So the advice given is very deep, from a very broad perspective and very focused on what’s appropriate for you right now in your life.

I often think that the difference between say Psychotherapy, which I hold in the highest regard, and Shamanic Healing is that in therapy we can enter a room, pick up the pieces, see what’s there and dust them off, but when working with Spirits they come in and basically clear out what is no longer necessary and bring back what is.

Traditional Shamanic Healing can take many forms. It is not uncommon for people to require soul retrieval work or power animal retrieval and often Spirits advise various preparations the individual needs to make in order to be ready for this work.

The initial Shamanic Healing is followed through with a blend of 2 further shamanic journeys to ascertain any further information and deepen integration i.e. to meet the newly returned soul part and ask what she has come back to teach the client and how the client can welcome her home and a minimum of 3 Craniosacral Therapy sessions which support the body/system to integrate the changes in a very physical way whilst enabling the nervous system to reconfigure around a new and stable centre.

The focus of this work is on embodiment, being fully present in our bodies in the here and now, grounded and connected to life and our surroundings.

Article by: Fiona Smith


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