Past Life Regression Therapy – A Case Study

When doing past life regressions, one can never be sure exactly quite what to expect. One thing I do know is that no matter what occurs in a session there is always a positive benefit for the client. It may not be immediately obvious or it might be right in-your-face, but there is always a benefit.

I was working with A., a female in her early 40’s who has been working on a weight problem for most of her life & has tried all the usual methods to it. After several conversations with her, she wanted to try PLRT to see if it would be helpful to her in reducing weight. The method I use most frequently when regressing clients is taking them back to a childhood memory prior to a past life. As I was working with 2 clients at the same time I was unable to do more than direct them in a general way but the results for A. where dynamic.

In our discussion after the regression, she excitedly recounted her childhood memory. She was again a young child of about 7 or 8. She saw her step-father approach her & grab her arms from behind to pin them to her sides. She talked about the feelings of helplessness and pain that overcame her (this apparently was a frequent occurrence in her childhood) and she suddenly became very angry. And in her anger she found the strength to elbow him in the chest, forcing him away from her. She then turned and with a huge shove pushed him through the plasterboard of the wall behind him and shouted “You will NEVER hurt me again”.

As we discussed her memory and what it signified for her, she told me that she had tried hard, in may different ways, to release the hold the abuse from her step-father had over her, but until now had never been able to do so. She said that she felt wonderfully free & that she didn’t think the old memories would ever have a hold on her again, as she realized that she had taken her freedom and power back, that she had done it – it had not been done for her. She was exuberant to say the least, and has been reveling in her freedom since then.

We also talked about the past life she remembered which was not quite as dramatic but still significant in the fact that she had, had an experience of one. I say this, as there are a certain percentage of the population that don’t have a past life experience on the 1st regression. I will continue to work with A. to see if this breakthrough will be the nadir to starting her journey to permanent weight loss.

(Please note I make no allegations the PLRT is a weight loss program!)

Article by: Ruth Coxall, RN, RM, DC, Past Life Regression Therapist
Location: Collie, Western Australia


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