Proyurveda – An Innovative Science

According to Ayurveda (Science of Life), 85 percent of the diseases are due to improper digestion either at the gastrointestinal level and / or at the cellular level. The Sanskrit term used in Ayurveda to denote the end product(s) of poor digestion is ‘ama’. Classic examples of such scenarios are the deposition of cholesterol in the arteries and calcification of joints, gouty arthritis, etc.

Ayurvedic treatment is aimed at reducing or eliminating the ‘ama’. This can be accomplished through proper diet, improved digestion, positive lifestyle and herbal remedies and medications. Ayurvedic pharmacology utilizes the synergistic cooperation of substances as they co-exist in natural sources. Ayurveda considers herbs as the concentrated repositories of nature’s intelligence and when used in proper combinations can express that intelligence in the body to cure an ailment. In the modern pharmacological terms, intelligence of the herb is nothing but the active therapeutic in the herb (all natural), and its intelligent expression in the body is the therapeutic effect.

Probiotics which are beneficial bacterial cultures which co-exist in nature are also concentrated repositories of nature’s intelligence and when used along with the therapeutic herbs can enhance the expression of their own intelligence as well as the intelligence of the herbs in the human body, to enhance immunity and other physiological processes such as digestion and metabolism of the body to cure or prevent the disease.

The beneficial bacteria (Probiotics) reside on plants as well as in human gastrointestinal tract, especially in the distal part of Jejunum, Ileum, and large intestinal tract. They have a receptor site on their call walls to adhere to the human gastrointestinal tract. Apparently through evolution, they have established a symbiotic relationship in the human G.I.tract, and became the part and parcel of human digestive system. These Probiotic organisms produce enzymes to digest the simple and complex carbohydrates, and also peptides, complex proteins etc. thereby greatly improving the digestion. In addition, they also produce bacteriocins (nonspecific protein molecules) which will inhibit the unwanted bacteria in the G.I.tract. These organisms are metabolically like liver and have a specific beneficial function in the G.I.tract. Unfortunately, the role of Probiotics is ignored in the modern medicine, although it is slowly gaining popularity.

Even though Ayurveda has been around for 5000 years, the awareness and therapeutic effects of the natural Probiotics was discovered only in the early part of the twentieth century. These beneficial bacterial cultures are always associated with the plant or herbs in the nature and were ingested knowingly or unknowingly along with the herbs. Ayurvedic pharmacologists concentrated on herbs, but did not pay much attention to the beneficial microorganisms associated with the herbs. The modern practices partially or totally destroyed these naturally beneficial microorganisms associated with medicinal herbs, perhaps making them less effective as therapeutic agents.

Everybody accepted the fact that Ayurvedic drugs are relatively slow acting and thus are primarily used for treating the chronic ailments. We have proved that this theory is wrong. Our discovery, which led to U.S. patent 6080401, Chinese patent ZL99814754.0 clearly proved that herbs and probiotics have a beneficial synergy and together their therapeutic values are greatly enhanced. Using this discovery, under the guidelines of our patents, Maximaa Systems Ltd. of India have developed over 130 Ayurvedic drugs (Proyurvedics) and successfully used them (clinical trials) to treat both the acute as well as chronic diseases. With the assistance and participation of around 50000 doctors (both Allopathic as well as Ayurvedic Physicians), Maximaa Systems Ltd. have demonstrated that the combination of “Ayurvedic drugs with properly prepared Probiotics” is the best way to improve the efficiency of Ayurvedic drugs to cure ailments, without any side effects, at a significantly faster pace than Ayurvedic herbs alone.
Such combination of Ayurvedic herbs with Probiotics is termed as “PROYURVEDA”.

Article By: Dr.Bhushan Bhavsar


5 thoughts on “Proyurveda – An Innovative Science

  1. drarvindkumarjain says:

    writer has written very penetrating way about the AYURVEDA. being a Ayurveda consulatant agree with you. to day is the need of effectiveness of medicines and result oriented. all around the world we are still dependent on the principles of ayurveda. it is the philosophy of life . how you lead your life beautifully and artisitcally.we want result . thank you for giving beautiful informations in few words.

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