Homeopathy and Infertility

This year, World Homeopathy Awareness Week (WHAW) April 10th – 16th 2012 recognised that many people choose Homeopathy to boost fertility.   The website for WHAW is www.worldhomeopathy.org

I was in the middle of my homeopathy studies when a few of my friends started trying for babies unsuccessfully. I started wondering if homeopathy and other natural therapies could help them and I found out that they can!

My research lead me to find Liz Lalor, an internationally renowned homeopath who has developed and refined her Homeopathy for Fertility programme (HFP) over the past 20 years.

She reports a success rate of 87% at time of writing – April 2012 (1) and that her students regularly achieve similar results for their clients.

The programme has been used successfully with women suffering:-

    •    Irregular cycles
    •    Hormonal imbalances
    •    Period problems, like short and light periods or long and heavy ones
    •    PCOS and history of ovarian cysts
    •    Irregular or no recent ovulation
    •    Endometriosis
    •    Fibroids
    •    History of Oral Contraceptive Pill use
    •    History of miscarriage
    •    Unexplained infertility (which can be especially frustrating for people)

I studied with Liz Lalor in London in autumn 2011 and was blown away by her approach, results and interest in supporting her students to practice her programme successfully.

I work with women – and some men- who are experiencing difficulties conceiving naturally.

What I do is, take a comprehensive case history focusing on your fertility journey, reproductive health, menstrual cycles, general health and family health history.

From that you can expect a tailored programme of homeopathic remedies aimed at rebalancing hormones, regulating cycles and ovulation and optimizing reproductive function.  For men, we aim to improve sperm count and quality, mainly. You are also given recommendations on diet, lifestyle, recognising signs of female fertility, timing intercourse and so on.

Which all means you are maximizing your chances of natural conception.

Follow up appointments check on progress and your programme is amended accordingly.

There are other approaches to homeopathic prescribing, of course; what I love about this one is that it uses several remedies working in harmony to boost fertility.  This approach aims to reduce the risk of any ‘healing response’ i.e. temporary worsening of symptoms.

Homeopathy is a natural system of medicine which aims to help the body heal itself, rather than suppress symptoms.  It’s used by many, because it is safe, natural, non addictive and has no harmful side effects and many couples still prefer to exhaust all natural means of having a baby, before resorting to IVF and other assisted means.

(1) Liz Lalor reports a success rate of 87% , where multiple births are counted as only one baby for statistical purposes. She typically works with women for 4 full menstrual
or less and with women aged 42 or under.  There is no guarantee of success with any health or fertility programme, however and this programme is no different.

Article by: Kathy Payne
Kathy Payne is a Homeopath working in Norwich, Norfolk and she has a special interest in fertility, women’s health and children. She practices both Homeopathy and the Foresight Fertility programme.


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