Experience: A Journey Toward Healing

Lie or sit down in a comfortable place and loosen your clothing so you can breathe without restriction.

Close your eyes and focus your awareness on how you’re breathing. Take deep, full breaths….

As you inhale, silently repeat to yourself , “ I am.” .. As you exhale, say “Relaxed.”

Spend a few minutes getting relaxed……

Now bring your awareness to whatever area of your body needs your attention because it is in pain or under some other stress.

Don’t try to analyze why it’s so, nor try to change or control it. Just notice it as it is. As you become aware of this area, are you also aware of any emotions ?….

Again, don’t analyze, change, or control them. Just notice what they are.

With your eyes open or closed, make your right hand into a shape of expresses how the area you’ve focused on feels.

You might want to stretch your fingers long or curl them into a hard fist. Let your hand do whatever it needs to do to reflect how your body feels….

Hold your right hand in that position for several minutes and observe it.

Then let your left hand take on the shape of how you’d like your body to feel if it were not in pain. If your right hand is closed and tight, maybe your left hand is open and loose…

Do what feels right to you.

Slowly move your attention between your two hands, between the shape that represents how you’re experiencing your body now and how you’d like to experience it.

Gradually let your right hand change into the shape of your left.

Notice how your body feels after you do that and how you experience the related emotions…..

When you’ve finished, if you’ve had your eyes open, close them and bring your awareness back to your breathing… breathe deeply several times before you open them….

Courtesy of Clyde Ford, D.C.

Article by: Dorena Clifton PhD .com
Dorena is a gifted natural healer with an unwavering belief that shamanism can function as a guide for organizing knowledge to help us understand our path towards health and healing. Her healing practice is specifically focused on bridging the internal world to the external world where the problem originated. Dorena’s intention is to inspire and to teach about the human potential in a truthful way. She has a teaching style that is fun as well as thought provoking. She is thorough and welcomes questions beyond the classroom to help you see how to apply this to your life.



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