An Innovative Anti Aging Idea:

Why do people look old and get wrinkles in their elder age??

The answer is low Calcium!!

If your body doesn’t get sufficient Calcium, your cheek bones start shrinking. Same time, your muscles shrink and your facial skin shrinks…. you get wrinkles
So, Calcium acts as miracle as Anti Aging. But, Calcium always requires an acidic medium to get absorbed into your body.

In age-group above 40, the acidic nature of your stomach goes down, due to which Calcium absorption lowers down even if you take plenty of Calcium Supplements.
So, introducing you Calcium Supplement with Probiotics. Probiotics maintains your acidic nature of the stomach which promotes Calcium Absorption. Also, the Calcium prepared is 100% milk Calcium and 100% bio-available.

For females, we have developed Calcium Supplement with the combination of Probiotics and Soya Isoflavones which acts as phyto estrogen hormone to maintain the balance in Manopausal Females.

Article by: Dr.Bhushan Bhavsar


3 thoughts on “An Innovative Anti Aging Idea:

  1. NIRAJ VATISH says:

    Yes its very much true and loss of fat also causes wrinkles on the skin and some dead tissue which causes lack of firmness between the bones and the skin

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