Use Awards To Your Advantage

You may have heard that we’re currently running our first ‘Holistic Business of the Year Award‘ and it’s already working really well for our nominees.

Some businesses are taking full advantage of the PR possibilities of this opportunity and others haven’t quite got there yet.

A great example of a super proactive business woman is Liz Badger of Face The World (FTW). FTW is a reasonably new business offering both training and products for combined holistic massage and beauty treatments (and wonderful they are too!).

Liz was straight on our resources page downloading banners and reading through the ideas for promotion and within hours had added a banner to her website and another to her email signature, directing people to vote for them.

Not only this but she was also straight on social media Tweeting and posting on Facebook to encourage interest. Then today I hear that there’s even more great stuff happening with a full page editorial piece running in the local paper today too! (see pic)

FTW Holistic Awards
This is a lady that has seen the potential benefits of grabbing this opportunity and running with it to get as much PR and promotion for her business out of it as she can. We’re hoping some of our other members follow suit.

We decided to run this award for a number of reasons, the main one of course being to recognise businesses for taking action and being proactive in their businesses and looking after their clients. What also ties in brilliantly is the fact that being a finalist for an award is a superb promotional opportunity for any business.

By getting your clients, friends and colleagues to vote, not only do you get in their consciousness (and this is the place where referrals are born), you also get seen in a different light in many cases as an award gives a more professional edge to a business.

There are times in business (and indeed in life) where you need to act fast to make the most of an opportunity and an award is definitely one of those times.

Perhaps you’ve been nominated for an award or you’ve even won one already but haven’t used it to it’s full potential yet.

I urge you to do something about it today. Take action and use it to get your business seen, after all you’re in business to do business right?

If you’ve not yet cast your vote for our Holistic Business of the Year Award yet then please do so here:

Voting closes on September 1st 2013 so be sure to get your vote in while you can!

To close I’d like to ask you a question…

What can you do to take action in your business today that will give you the tomorrow that you dream of?

We love to hear your comments so please do join in the conversation below…


Author: Sophie Jewry
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