Social Media Success with Yvette Taylor


This training video has been designed for you if you’re a Soul-preneur (therapist, practitioner, coach or mentor) a passionate business owner, who loves what you DO, and the people you are born to do it.

We invited Yvette Taylor – aka The Social Sourceress to join us to share her holistic system to grow your therapy business or practice. Yvette has a unique mix of talents from her years as therapist – she now applies those skills to helping Soul-preneurs to grow their business especially online

During this video you’ll learn the steps you need in place to create your very own holistic online business system, that will help you to authentically communicate online so that you are attractive to your ideal clients, which means you can help more people and change the world in your own way.


1.GET ENGAGEMENT – You’ll learn how to get more people to love you, listen to your message and share your content online in a way that is supportive to what you do

2.YOU GIVE FIRST – Understand Why you need to deliver value up front so that you create a list of potential clients for your practice who can’t wait to come and buy from you

3. GIVE MORE SUPPORT – How you can make sales online (Even with a therapeutic practice) support your clients and get out the time for money trap (eg Money = Session)

4.YOUR TRANSFORMATION – How do you change your clients lives? Learn how to do what you love, help more people and get paid what you’re worth for doing it

5. LET THEM TALK – How to turn your clients into a word of mouth sales team, and let THEM do the work to bring more clients to you for free !

This is really all about creating a life and business, that is a true reflection of who you really are, doing what you’re here to do – so that you can help more people with your work.


The offer on the video is time sensitive until December 2013 but if you’re watching after that time you will STILL have access to a great offer.

You can find out more and book on to this great offer here:

Connect with Yvette:

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