6 Tips To Make Your Newsletters A Sure-Fire Success

Being in business you should have a list of all your clients and contacts – a database.  Do you regularly keep in contact with your database?

A newsletter is the perfect way to keep in touch.  It is not for the client to remember you, it is for you to remind the client that you still exist.  Life gets busy and people forget to rebook (if they have not booked with you at their appointment).

A newsletter is also the perfect way to engage with your leads – people who have given you their email address, to build a relationship of trust, they feel they get to know you and to show you are an expert.  This is also perfect to re engage with clients you have not seen or heard from for a while and also you can print these off to hand out while networking instead of business cards!

Here are some top tips for success with your newsletters:

1. Sending out newsletters is one of THE best ways of building relationships with clients. Email is quickest and cheapest so it’s the one I personally use through MAILCHIMP. That said, email is a funny thing – you need to make sure your email newsletters aren’t too heavily sales based. Make sure to include lots of free tips and tricks for clients (as well as your latest offers) so that they look forward to them arriving and open them with anticipation of picking up some new bit of info.  Also add a personal message to them so again they feel like they are getting to know you.  I often mention my camping trips, the weather, a family success, if you have pets add a funny or cute photo of them!

2. Your monthly newsletters are doing lots of your work for you. They are relationship building between you and your clients. If you’re sending them via email, try to make sure to send them each and every month. Keep that relationship up and over time you’ll find more and more of them book in regularly.  Newsletters are better if they are relevant to the time such as November is Movember month!!! So you can include an article about that.

3. Are you adding all your new clients to your database list? Every single new client or enquiry should be added onto your list. That way you’ll get the best coverage and the most responses.

4.Remember to include links to your website such as your blog. Include a few sentences from a blog and then say ‘to read more of this article go to…’ and add the url link.  Your aim is to direct people to your website where you can show them all that you offer.

5. There’s been lots of research and most statistics show that it takes between 5 and 7 contacts with a new client before they want to book or buy. So if you add a new client on your mailing list, it might be several contacts before they then book in to see you. But remember if you don’t put them on your database list, you won’t have any contact with them and they may never book. So add all new clients on asap.

6. Getting some clients unsubscribe from your newsletter? Not a problem. It’s very common with email marketing that clients will unsubscribe when they are too busy to read your emails. HOWEVER, it’s also very common for clients to wish to re-subscribe later when they’ve got more time or energy to devote to whatever it is you are offering them. So always be polite and never take an unsubscription personally. If you’re highly professional and always welcoming they may well be back in the future.

By Alison Brown
of Ali’s Therapy Academy


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