Is Your Social Media A King Rocket Or A Fizzy Sparkler?

Does your social media activity propel your business onwards and upwards? If so then you’ve definitely got a King Rocket with bonfire juice, on course towards your goal.

If it’s not getting off the ground then you might have a fizzy sparkler. This type of social media takes a while to get going then soon fizzles out after a shaky start.

Many businesses now understand that social media isn’t a fad that they thought would soon go away, 20 years later it’s still here and it’s maturing.

For many businesses though there’s still no ROI and why is that?

They’ve opened up a Linkedin account, done some tweeting and even started a facebook page, why haven’t they got customers banging on their doors to purchase products?

What’s missing is a strategy, there’s no point in opening loads of social media accounts, not understanding why you’ve done it and then moaning it doesn’t work.

Know what you want to achieve

Before you go off wasting time on every social media platform, take a minute or two to think. What would you like to achieve? More website traffic, more weekly appointments, more event bookings, more sales of the pink pyjama gift set. Once you’re clear about that then quantify, so how much website traffic do you want?  How many pyjama sets do you want to sell?  How many events do you need to book per month?

What tactics & why?

Tactics as in what social media? Say you choose Facebook, ask yourself why are you choosing Facebook and what is it you’re going to be doing on Facebook? Is your target market there? If they’re not there why are you choosing to use it? Perhaps holding webinars would be one of your tactics, or putting out podcasts, perhaps it’s being a regular voice in the business groups on Linkedin

Choose a destination

You know what it is you want to achieve & what social media tactics to use, then ask yourself where am I taking these people I’ve now collected? Think of yourself as the pied Piper, you’ve now got a community of people following you, liking your business, listening to your podcasts, connecting with you, even watching your videos on youtube. Where would you ideally like them to go once they’ve done all of that? All of these people need to be signposted somewhere, if you don’t know how do you expect them to know? This is where most people fail, they send them to the home page of their website which has no relevance to the conversation that just happened on Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn or where ever. It confuses your follower, they click off & there you go, you’ve probably lost them for good.  Where would you like these people to congregate? On your latest blog post? A particular page on your website, a stand alone landing page ( a squeeze page), a careers page or a competition page.

What’s the CTA

Now you have them on the right page, what would you like them to do? What’s the CALL TO ACTION?  You have to tell them or they won’t know. Do you want them to comment on your blog post? Tell them! Do you want them to enter their details? Tell them! Do you want them to sign up for a trial? Tell them!

I think you get the picture, unless there’s clear instructions then for many people they won’t do anything.

Now you’ve read this ACT on it


By Julie Bishop
Founder of JobHop    Founder of Specialist Social Media
Instructor for Love Social Media    Find Julie on Google+


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