Tumble Stones, Carrying, Meditating and Toddlers

Toddlers love crystals, I recently observed my little one placing tumble stones onto her dolly to make dolly ‘feel better’. I thought how beautiful that someone so young (2) has grasped the idea that crystals can help you feel better. Tumble stones are a great learning aid for children, they are smooth, interesting and colourful and hold beautiful energy that help to calm and clear our little ones troubles, worries, fears. (bearing in mind they need to be a good sized tumble stone, and adult supervision required at all times)

I then thought how beneficial tumble stones are for everyone, they are small enough to carry in the pocket without being noticed, I know of women who wear them in their bra! When we have crystals on our person during the day the energy of the crystal can be working subtly throughout our energy system helping to restore balance, clam, grounding, protection or whatever properties you have chosen to be in imbued with that day.

Meditating with tumble stones is also great, you can hold one in each hand if you like, they can be the same crystal or a different one for each hand. Holding one in each hand will help to create an energy field of the chosen crystal that you can then sit in and bring yourself to peace.

A great method for this is to select a tumble stone for each hand using what ever method you chose to use, whether that be dowsing, using your hand, picking the ones you are intuitively drawn to etc. (You may like to have a grounding crystal at you feet)

Sit somewhere quiet and bring your attention to your hands,

You feel, imagine or visualise your thoughts activating the crystal energy,

The crystal energy starts to vibrate and you see, feel or imagine the energy emanating from your crystals until they are spheres of light and energy surrounding your hands.

Allow the energy to expand until the two spheres are energy have merged and you are sitting in a sphere of blended energy

Allow the energy to bring peace, calm, harmonise, clear or whatever you need from your crystals at that particular time.

Sit and enjoy the energy for as long as you like.

When you have finished bring your awareness to your feet and imagine deep strong roots going deep into the earth.

The crystal energy will stay within your auric field and continue to work throughout the day / evening. You may even like to keep the two chosen crystals in your pocket.

You can purchase tumble stones easily from most new age shops and on-line, I can vouch for the new stock of tumbles we have in our new on-line crystal shop, nice sized tumbles. Please feel free to check them out!

By Lynne Wilson
of The School of Unified Healing


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