An interview with Hayley Pearson of Serenity Touch

Hayley Pearson, of Serenity Touch, offers a variety of therapies including Reiki, therapeutic massage, hot stone therapy, Hammam Ritual candle light massage, seated acupressure massage and Face The World facials and treatments too.

Hayley tells us how she came to be working in the holistic field of business and about her passion, Reiki.

We discus what reiki is, how it works as a treatment and what sort of things it can be used to help. Also the different type of Reiki, how they came about and the differences you might notice during a treatment.

We also talk about is Reiki training and the different levels of Reiki attunement that are available to you. From working purely on yourself through to being a practitioner and even teaching others.

Hayley also gives us some of her tips for you if you’re considering starting up as a holistic practitioner and with to offer Reiki as a treatment. Things like where to promote yourself and things to consider with getting started and connecting with potential clients.

Connect with Hayley Pearson:

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