Last Minute Promotions For Christmas

This is a busy time of year for most people getting ready for Christmas, with shopping, on their feet all day, feeling tired and stressed.

So hopefully you are looking after them to manage with this time of year but also help them when they are buying gifts for everyone!  Do not miss out on this marketing opportunity.

There is still plenty of time for marketing opportunities and promoting offers.

Did you know that Monday 2nd December is the busiest day for spending on the internet?  Do you have anything available on your website for people to buy – products, gift vouchers etc?  In your marketing offer that availability.

Promote your gift vouchers on social media sites, in your clinic/salon/treatment room and in your emails to your clients.  Also offer them in gift packages with products or to gift wrap them free of charge – you can make them into a scroll or Christmas cracker with Christmas confetti inside!, provide them in a Christmas Card.

If you have a salon/clinic/treatment room, have some ready made up for clients to buy straight away and also they are able to see what they look like.  Remember to have pictures of them available on your website and social media.

You can have Countdown To Christmas Offer.  These can be a different offers every day or every week towards Christmas like an advent calendar  (subject to what you are able to offer in products and therapies)  such as beauty therapies – eye brow shape, manicure, file and polish, massage, reflexology, onsite massage, eyelash perm/tint,  products, ready blended oils, candles, cd’s,  books, etc.

Provide a raffle for a luxury prize – maybe a head to toe therapy package – with raffle tickets at £1 and money raised towards your favourite charity.

You still have time to organise a open day/evening event at your salon/clinic or if you provide treatments at your home you could run one there.  I have in the past organised open evenings as a thank you to my clients and if they bring somebody new they get free raffle tickets.  At these evenings they can have taster treatments and drinks and nibbles are supplied with products etc available to buy.  Even in my own home I have had around 30 people attend! And all sent home after a lovely evening with a goodie bag filled with sweets, samples of products, a candle, marketing materials such as a bookmark, key ring and fridge magnet and a CD of calming music.

Have a think and research what others are doing.  This could be your busiest time of year!  Look after your clients and make them feel special and they will keep coming back for more.

Merry Christmas everyone and Happy New Year

By Alison Brown
of Ali’s Therapy Academy


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