Top Business Christmas Present Is A Website That Works

Let’s quickly get a couple of things clear. I’m not a web developer, front end or back end, or a coder or a web designer. I’m that person who helps companies drive traffic to their websites, because that’s what everybody wants, more people coming to their web site for them to be converted into sales.

This is what usually happens, a business decides that they now want to use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, maybe Linkedin or Google+ to get people over to their website, excellent news for me but then my face drops when I see their web site.

Many websites are static, with absolutely no relevant up to date content being added at all.

One of my suggestions is to always to have a blog where you can post regular informative content, a website with a blog will get 55% more traffic than a website without a blog. That regular content would be used as bait to drive the traffic to the website. Many clients do not have any control over their sites, or they can’t remember who done them or they get worried about the charges they have to endure if they make a website change.

Remember I said the businesses come to me when they’ve decided to use social media to drive traffic to their website so what do you think I say to them? I say “people are social on their mobiles” so what does that mean? That means If someone has accessed Twitter via their mobile and they’ve seen the content bait with a link back to the website, they then click on it, how upset and frustrated do you think they are if that website they’ve just landed on isn’t responsive or mobile friendly?

How frustrating is it for someone when they can’t see the website properly in their mobile device, that they have to turn the screen this way and that and try and zoom in!

John Lewis has predicted that mobile traffic will overtake desktop traffic at 5pm on Christmas Day this year, is your website ready?

Lastly do you remember right at the beginning of this post I said the reason people want to drive traffic to their website is so that the traffic can be converted into sales, many sites completely fall on their face here.

In Many cases there’s no where to list build, the customer journey is clunky, there’s no one click rule and effortless isn’t a word I’d use when describing parting with my cash for many of these sites.

For your business Christmas present please treat it to a website that works, really it’s an investment, you can’t afford not to.


By Julie Bishop
Founder of JobHop    Founder of Specialist Social Media
Instructor for Love Social Media    Find Julie on Google+


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