Pick Me Up’s

This time of year is always manic, whether you are busy with client offers for Christmas, Christmas shopping, trying to plan the festive holidays and working, let alone dealing with every day family life. You are bound to feel overwhelmed, tired maybe chaotic, I have a great tip to pick yourself up and you don’t need many tools or spend a fortune to do it.

Crystal elixirs!

You have probably guessed by now that I LOVE crystals! They’re are beautiful, amazing and fabulous! I have worked with them for a decade and have experienced many benefits, which is why I am passionate about giving out tips on how to use them to reap those benefits.

This time of year there are so many bugs and colds about, every other person has a cough, sore throat or runny nose. A great way to make yourself feel better inside and out is making a crystal elixir. You need a few tumble stones, and they need to be tumblestones, rough pieces are not safe for elixirs and you need to be aware that some crystals are poisonous if ingested.

You are pretty safe with the standard clear quartz, rose quartz, amethyst, carnelian, blue lace agate, smoky quartz – if in doubt Google it to see if the tumble stone is safe or ask a qualified crystal therapist.

You need a glass of water, some people I know say it has to be mineral water but I have used normal tap water for years and have had great effect. Saying that if you want to use mineral water that’s fine. Select your crystal, you can use your intuition and go with what you are drawn to, you could dowse using a pendulum or you could consult a crystal book.

  • Clear quartz is energising so a great one for lethargy
  • Amethyst is harmonising so great for stress
  • Rose quartz is supportive and loving so one for loneliness
  • Smokey quartz is transmuting and relaxing another one for stress, it may help aid sleep
  • Carnelian is protective and warming maybe a good one to help prevent a cold or to warm you up when the days are extremely chilly
  • Blue lace agate is a stone of communication therefore a good stone for sore throats.

You may feel you need more than one energy, this is fine although I wouldn’t do more than two at a time. Once you have selected your crystals place them into a glass of water and leave them on a window sill that attracts natural light for a couple of hours. The light will help to activate the crystals and energise the water with the crystal energies.

In a couple of hours take your drink and sip it, DO NOT down in one as this will effect your grounding and make you feel dizzy. Take your time to sip the elixir, you do not have to drink it all at once but go back to it.

I hope you all have a fabulous Christmas and a happy New Year.

By Lynne Wilson
of The School of Unified Healing


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