Why Do So Many People Struggle With Marketing?

Let’s face facts; so many business owners and managers, and the self-employed, really struggle with marketing. And that’s to be expected. The good news is that it doesn’t need to be like this

There are three simple reasons why I believe this happens.

1) So many businesses, a much larger proportion than you might expect, actually don’t do any proactive marketing at all. They may benefit from a form of reflective marketing, where they have a foothold or reputation in the market but they don’t really control or influence it.

This is a bad thing in many ways, because they can’t improve it or enlarge it, but even more dangerous is that they can’t recover it should it start to decline. I’ve seen this happen a lot of the past few years. Especially as there has been a declining market in many sectors.

2) The second reason is that many businesses spend money on marketing ideas and actions without really knowing why or doing this as part of a plan. In truth, a large proportion of money in marketing is spent on ideas that are sold to business owners. They weren’t part of a thought-out process.

This is also a big problem, as it seems to suggest that marketing is just pot luck; keep buying ideas until one or two of them become successful. Yes, it’s true that marketing is a lot about trial and error but you still need to have a process to follow in doing this efficiently.

3) And the last reason is very specific. This is because the focus of the marketing is completely on the wrong thing. All too often business people focus on product and price, mistakenly believing that this is where they need to concentrate. It’s not.

I believe that marketing is an inside-out job. Before you can start promoting your products or services you need to focus marketing who you are and what you’re all about. People buy from people, no matter how big the company is. They want, above all, to feel a sense of trust, confidence and comfort. Then they are able to consider what value you have to offer.

This last of the three points is the one that will really help you to re-calibrate your whole approach to marketing and the way you design your business. So I encourage you learn more about this.

You can read my blog on this – “Are you focusing on completely the wrong thing in your marketing?”, where I explain one of the most powerful business concepts I’ve learned over the past two decades.


By Nial Adams
of Make Marketing Work


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