Heart Felt Social Media For 2014

Being in the holistic/ alternative health industry you would naturally call yourself a heartfelt business, helping and healing people all comes from the heart.

Sometimes Heartfelt businesses struggle with marketing because this part of the business usually comes from the right hand side of the brain, not the heart. What if for 2014  we could make social media marketing come straight from the heart, wouldn’t that feel a lot easier.

4 steps to heart felt social media marketing:

Helping Tweets

Instead of giving up on Twitter because you don’t know what to tweet, make a plan to tweet a helpful message on the hour every hour ( these can be automated ) Perhaps your practice helps people to detox their lives, how does someone detox their life? If you were to explain the whole process from start to end, including the right foods and drinks to have, relaxation techniques etc.. you’d have a lot of content.  Once you have your content you can then chunk it into tweets and start posting out onto Twitter, your tweets will reach people and help people. Try and include a link back to more information if you can and have a call to action, once that person has read more what else can they do? Can they book a consultation, a work shop, buy your book?

Remember to engage in between your automated tweets as there may be people who want to ask questions and because Twitter wants you to engage with your followers.

Hangout with them

I’ve often thought I’d like to juice or get into eating raw food, but I don’t really know where to start and I know there’s others like me. I need help, I like being in a classroom environment but because of my work I’m always in front of the computer and too busy to travel somewhere. If a Heartfelt business really loved me they would provide a Google+ hangout for me to attend! You can help and reach people like me by using Google+ to hold a hangout. Small private groups can attend on a hangout but if you want to reach out to the masses then hold a hangout on air which would be public for anyone to see. The beauty about a Hangout on Air is that it’s recorded and posted automatically to Youtube so you can carry on helping people long after the hangout has ended.

Help the joggers

Even though I’m always in front of the computer I will make the effort to exercise. Something I like to do is jog and when I’m jogging I like to listen to motivational speakers. The same content that you’ve used to tweet out or the content you shared in the Google Hangout could be recorded for a podcast, with a podcast you’re talking to someone directly, how helpful is that!

Give them a group

It’s well known that being in a group of people working together towards a goal is usually better than trying to do it by yourself. You can help people come together and give them a place to share ideas, motivate each other as well as support each other. Facebook is a great place to host such a group. As it’s a supportive group I would recommend to keep it closed, this means that it’s by invite only and the general public will not be able to access it. Giving them a group is helping your clients to help each other, I now belong to the  Raw, Juice, Smoothie and Foody Group  I shall be get plenty of tips and advice from others here, fingers crossed for a hangout in 2014!

Happy New year to you all Let 2014 be Heartfelt


By Julie Bishop
Founder of JobHop    Founder of Specialist Social Media
Instructor for Love Social Media    Find Julie on Google+


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