Making 2014 A Success

Is this going to be your year?  Is this going to be the year that everything you have wanted in your business comes to you not just by wanting but by hard work and determination?

We all know the law of attraction, but you do know that you have to do something towards getting it!

A great start is a Vision Board and to set goals towards getting there. A Vision Board is great to see what you are aiming for whether it be more money, better health, better way of life, a nice car etc but you need to set your goals to help you and keep you focused along the way.  Review your previous year to see if you can make any changes towards improvements and goals for this year.

Now is the time to use a marketing planner, business journal, wall planner – anything that works for you, that you can put your goals, ideas, thoughts, promotions and campaigns, networking meetings, courses, workshops on to see you through the year.  Don’t stumble through every month, put ideas in your diary for marketing,  social media and blogging  each month.  They can always be changed or added to but it saves the blank mind every time you get to the computer to do the work!

There is a good saying that is now getting round businesses which is “Don’t just work IN your business, work ON your business”. This means that don’t spend all your time providing the therapies and working on other people, you must also work on your business – preparing marketing, looking at ideas, investing in yourself, reviewing and updating website, contacting your database and past clients – anything that will create new clients or reactivate old ones. If you can, find an hour to 90 minutes a day to do this especially first thing in the morning before your day starts, but if difficult try a couple of times a week or on the weekend.

You do have to put yourself out there and let people know you exist.  Remind them that you are there.  The more you do this and work ON your business the more 2014 will be a success for you!

By Alison Brown
of Ali’s Therapy Academy


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