An Interview With Theresa Maddison of Light Up Your Soul and Sophie Jewry of The Holistic Directory

Join us as we learn more about Theresa’s experience in the holistic world and find out about her vast knowledge in so many different subjects.

We talk about Reiki, crystal and angel healing; the many benefits, how the therapies work, why they are so closely linked and lots more.

We also discussed Face The World’s amazing ‘holistic’ facials and other treatments.

Theresa really is a mine of information when it comes to holistic health and wellness.

Want to find out more?

Connect With Theresa Maddison:

Light Up Your Soul Therapies and Training who offer accredited Training courses in Holistic therapies and Beauty and bespoke well being, stress management & Healing therapies. Theresa also specialises in Crystal & Colour and Angel/Reiki healing.

Connect with The Holistic Directory:

The Holistic Directory is an online resource for health and wellness and also a hub for business and marketing support for holistic professionals. We’re building a supportive community – come and join us!


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