Laura Topper and Sophie Jewry Talk Curbing Confidence Crisis and Empowering Practitioners

Well, after our interview (which you can watch here), we got chatting about how some holistic professionals can feel a bit lonely, working by themselves and how it’s a common issue for therapists and practitioners to feel undervalued, under confident and unsure out what to charge for their services.

And we want to help change this!

So we thought we’d video our thoughts on the matter.

This is a 20 minute video of Laura and Sophie talking through ideas and issues around being a holistic professional and also discussion solutions and tips for dealing with overwhelm and empowering you to feel more positive and attract more of the things you want in your life and your work.

We’d love to hear your thoughts so do comment below or get in touch.

Connect With Laura:

New Thought Singer Songwriter : Metaphysical Mentor
Devoted Labyrinth Walker: Inspirational Speaker Campaigner

Connect with The Holistic Directory:

The Holistic Directory is an online resource for health and wellness and also a hub for business and marketing support for holistic professionals. We’re building a supportive community – come and join us!


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