How And Where To Get Inspired For Your Business

Do you find days that you are flagging and uninterested in what you do?

Do you sometimes feel unmotivated and a struggle to get going?

Sometimes things happen in our everyday life that throws us off our path and we can lose confidence and let in self doubt.

What do you do when that happens?

You can curl up in a ball under the duvet and hibernate or you can get out there and kick a**!

Here are some ways to kick you up the behind and to help yourself!

Who inspires you? Who do you admire? If you know them get in touch as they will help to put you back on the correct path. If it is someone well known then read their blog, FB posts, book, website whatever to give you back your confidence and to remind yourself what you are doing in this world.

What music makes you happy?  What music gets you up to dance – is it trance, rock and roll, techno, classical, Pharell Williams ‘Happy’, Play whatever music moves you whether it is the song, music, words or the singer – get up and boogie!

Is there are favourite cafe or restaurant that you love?  Do you love the building or decoration or the people inside?  Do you like to watch the world go by?  Take yourself out for some me time and join the world.

What books do you like?  It may be an entrepreneurial one like Richard Branson or Napoleon Hill ‘Think and Grow Rich’ or it may be a spiritual one ‘The Secret’ or a self help book about marketing by Dee Blick.  Grab a book and a quiet corner or visit the library and lose yourself in a good book and be inspired.

Are you creative?  Do you like to paint, draw, knit, sew, bake, sing – do what brings you joy.

Do you inspire yourself?  When you are feeling unmotivated take a look at your journal and see what you have achieved.  If you do not journal write down what you have accomplished with your business – you will surprise yourself.

What places lift you?  Do you dream of far off countries or picture yourself on hot deserted beaches?  Picture yourself there or print off pictures of  your favourite place – it might be walking in the hills or moors searching for tors.  It is a place that will feed your soul.

Watch a good movie.

Surround yourself with things that inspire and motivate you – pictures, flowers, aromatherapy oils,

Open up to feeding your spirit and watch your energy levels, motivation and inspiration soar!


By Alison Brown
of Ali’s Therapy Academy


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